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Roadbase Asphalt 50421
GeneralResponsive imageP/N 50421 Dseal Road Base Modified Asphalt is a professional/contractor grade road building material used and mixed with aggregate. It is suitable for use in moderate temperature climate zones. It consists of a special hot liquefied rubber technology providing a weatherproof, temperature-resistant seal that keeps water and destructive elements out, reducing or eliminating further damage… extending the life of your highways and roads.
Usage GuidelinesThe temperature performance limits for p/n 50421 Dseal Road Base Modified asphalt is from -7.6°F to 168.8°F (-22℃ to 76℃).
CompositionAsphalt matrix82%-90%
SBS Rubber6%-10%
Chemical formula

Styrene - butadiene - styrene block copolymer

[CH2-CH9C6H5] n-[CH2-CH=CH-CH2] m-[CH (C6H5)-CH2] n
SpecificationTest ItemTest result
Kinematical viscosity (135℃/275F)2.847Pa.S
Flash Point (COC)245℃/473°F
After TFOT (Mass Lass)-0.73%
Original binder-Dynamic Shear G*/sin δ(76℃/168.8°F)4.64kPa
Thin Oven Residue-Dynamic Shear G*/sin δ(76℃/168.8°F)5.82KPa
Pressure Aging Vessel Residue (100℃/212°F)-Dynamic Shear G*/sin δ(31℃/87.8°F)149KPa
Pressure Aging Vessel Residue (100℃/212°F)-Creep Stiffness, S,-12℃/10.4°F223MPa
Pressure Aging Vessel Residue (100℃/212°F)-M-Value (-12℃/10.4°F)0.486
InstallationP/N 50421 Road Base Modified Asphalt is hot-applied asphalt based product, applied using the same process as regular asphalt. Performance Grade is PG 76-22.
PackingThe gross weight of one bag of p/n 50421 Road Base Modified Asphalt is: 51lbs (23.2KGs) approx. and the net weight is: 50lbs (22.7KGs) approx.

Store inside, away from fire.

Quality guarantee period: 5 years without opening.