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Dseal Introduction

DsealTM is the only successful professional grade hot Asphalt/rubber base fill material that is now available for homeowner applications. Driveways, seams between the driveway and garage floor, the driveway and city sidewalks as well as cracks in walkways can now be repaired at a fraction of the cost of Commercial and Industrial application. No high cost expensive equipment is required, now the DIY (do it yourself) home owner can make inexpensive repairs to their property. This revolutionary new product for the homeowner is a commercial grade high quality, low cost, simple to use, safe alternative to costly contractor applications. Unlike far superior fillers the hot applied liquefied material is far superior to the cold process, its bonding ability is superior, and it expands and contracts with temperature changes without cracking keeping water and other weather elements out thereby preventing further damage.

It can also be used to seal cracks in parking lots, concrete, wood, stone, and similar materials used in highways, parking lots walls, even airport tarmac.

DsealTM comes in a 4lb can with integral handle and spout for ease of heating and applying. It can be heated on a home gas grill or you can purchase an inexpensive DsealTM heater (patent pending) which will heat the 4 lb can within 10-15 minutes without the need to stir during the heating process making it a much safer process. Refill packages of DsealTM are available and the container is reusable up to three times.

When applied properly DsealTM will double the life of the driveway/pavement. Cold patch repairs generally last up to a year where, DsealTM with its’ hot liquefied application will last up to 6 years. It is temperature resistant and will not soften nor become sticky if exposed to 80-90 degree temperatures and will not crack in -40 to -60 degree temperatures.

Cracks should be sealed to eliminate further damage and erosion to your pavement and when properly sealed will extend the life of your driveway. The use of DsealTM hot liquefied sealant is far superior and longer lasting than a cold patch application.